One coin One coin
NEW mark NEW mark
Spouting Spouting
Three stage arrow Three stage arrow
Blue bird of happiness Blue bird of happiness
Whirl pattern Whirl pattern
Essence Essence
Carry a pack Carry a pack
Picture diary style sun Picture diary style sun
Fan Fan
Leaf mark Leaf mark
Butterfly Butterfly
Take a picture Take a picture
Straight,Circle,Tune Straight,Circle,Tune
Drink beer Drink beer
Mark of flame Mark of flame
980 yen 980 yen
Giraffe Giraffe
Squid Squid
Hibiscus Hibiscus
Attention mark Attention mark
Torii Torii
Yasuumai Yasuumai
Remaining snow Remaining snow
Skateboarder Skateboarder
Moon large pole Moon large pole
Raise hand Raise hand
Fantastic Open Fantastic Open