Material data that have been provided in this section are all produced in the Macintosh environment. I’ll have the best possible use in a hybrid environment, but may have a material use Windows environment.
Thank you that you OK.

Illustrator EPS data

The extension “eps” data have the Adobe Illustrator’s material has been produced at.
The software version 9 or later is recommended to use.

JPEG data

The extension “jpg” with data that is Adobe’s Photoshop has been produced by, or is exported.
This is not open JPEG environment if we do not handle the data.

PNG Data

The extension “png” data have Adobe’s Photoshop is that it is produced by, or is exported.
Difference between the JPEG data is that the transparent background.

MP3 data

The extension “mp3″ data have the MOTU’s Digital Performer or Apple’s Garageband, or are in production.
The bit rate is stored in 128bps.

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