Cleaning girl Cleaning girl
Antenna Antenna
Numbers set Numbers set
City of TV tower City of TV tower
Flashy building Flashy building
Top secret Top secret
Dice Dice
Master of Sushi Master of Sushi
Garbage Garbage
Upbeat clerk Upbeat clerk
fearful sale fearful sale
Route No.1 Route No.1
Huge fireworks Huge fireworks
Medal Medal
Text Text
Brand new Open Brand new Open
Wife of Mr.Kato Wife of Mr.Kato
Sun Sun
Banzai 5:30 Banzai 5:30
Fax Fax
Hypnotism Hypnotism
Rough arrow Rough arrow
Friendly manager Friendly manager
Sales contract Sales contract
Toll Free Toll Free
Countries flag Countries flag
Signal intersection Signal intersection
Strawberry shortcake Strawberry shortcake